Wash day(s) in Oberwesel

Paloma has a prime spot on the banks on the Rhine, she is watching the boats go sailing past…….

We are making use of our ACSI discount card, which lets us stay on campsite in low season ( well it seems just not July and August) at a heavenly discounted rate Flat inclusive fee of either €15, €17 or €19. 

Although Paloma can provide us with our basic needs, bed, shower, Cooker etc, CampingPlatz Schonburgblick has provided us with the one thing missing…….

A washing machine ! – So as I washed the van in the sunshine, Michele has caught us up on 3 weeks worth of washing ! – such fun ! 

As yesterday ended up a nothing day we have opted to stay a second night, giving us time to explore the town , we started with the tower walk, which leads you around the old city walls, from tower to tower, with much of the time spent on top of the walls enjoying the view

In town we treated ourselves to ice cram ( well it was smurf blue) and then a vintage Porsche car parade ..

Then we hiked up to Schloss Schoenburg, as from the town it dominated the view, me being me says oh it won’t be far …… Opps ! – probably like much of the area its part of Unesco world heritage site, the castle itself dates back to past 1166 , but was destroyed in 1689 by the French, but since then it has now become a hotel and restaurant, but the views were amazing 

I tried in vain to take some pictures of Micheleskapelle, but the cathedral is an almost epic size and I failed to get any good snaps.


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