Koblenz, we nearly missed it !

Our very old and batterered  copy of “Europe on a shoestring” has finally let us down…

It noted Koblenz as a transit city, with nothing of note to stop for.

Thankfully Ken who we met the night before said he remember reading somewhere about a cable car across the point where the Rhine meets the Mosel, even when their nice shine new Go Europe book had nothing to say about the place either.

Well as time is the one commodity we have in spades, we took the opptunity to say sod it, let stop and see anyway…

So here we are ( N50.36557 E7.57417) at the bus parking, but you can stay overnight in your camper for the Hugh sum of €5 and it’s only a 20 minute stroll along the river bank to city centre , Result !!

So a quick peek at Trip advisor gave directions for the cable car ride, and a few of the other sights of city……

So another day of walking took place, although I think Michele might be fed up of walking by now….

First stop was  Deutsches Eck ,it is the name of a headland in where the Mosel river joins the Rhine. it has a monumental statue of William I, first German Emperor…

Then onto the main event the cable car ……

And last but certainly not least we followed a trail of landmarks around the city…..

The fountain above depicts Koblenz through the years…..

All in all a great city to explore, that we nearly missed !!


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