About Us…….

Hello, welcome, hi,

You have probably have stumbled on the site by accident,  this site follows Paul and Michele’s European travels through different countries in their motorhome. It’s a Blog & guide about camper van travel and life on the road.

so let me introduce ourselves

Team our leap of faith in front of the epic UFO

First off


Paul looking cool- with a beer

long time daydreamer, came up with the idea of taking a year off and floating around Europe in a motorhome ……

After a few days of blog reading I had become convinced what a fantastic idea it would be …. So here we are

my current mantra is

” it will be all right in the end, if it not alright then it just isn’t the end ”

add that to my already positive outlook of ” who cares if the glass is empty or full as long as you have the glass you can refill it ”

it’s going to be one heck of a journey

Oh and possible one day someone will take a picture without a drink in my hand ….. Then again !


i think she’s fell in love with this plan , let’s just hope I make it work !!

she’s the worrier, always making sure we are in budget …. Although she has absolutely no concept of what the budget is but hey ho I will just let her carry on thinking that the budget is £100.00 a week. Give her a couple of glasses of wine and the world is her oyster.

Michele all at sea on the Ferry


aka Fred the dog, aka special …… Michele’s lovable companion ( well she loves him)

Fred dog aka Bentley

His job in the team is to eat all the left overs and generally look scary and put all those European thief  by barking lots…..

And finally …….

Paloma ( faith)

Our home and my other woman !!

Paloma our motorhome sitting at Dover docks

She is a 1999 Pilote First, she is very similar to the X5 I owned in the fact that she costs me a small fortune but hey I love her !!

So come join us……

find all the places we have visited here