Bingen and Rudesheim 

With a supertastic blue sky day promised we set off from our Paloma to explore Rudesheim…..

We are parked up on the other side of the river so first off was a ferry trip across

And then walked on into town, the home of Asbach Brandy among other things

Once again we were let down by our now not so trusty guide book, with it noting as not worth visiting so overly touristy…..

Well yes it’s is overly touristy, but hey never the less why would I want to miss out !

An amble around the streets

Gave way to Micheles idea of heaven …. A Christmas shop in the middle of May ….

After some much needed refreshments we took the trip back across the water and set about exploring Bingen, firstly its town and then it’s selection of modern art in the park

And of course when in Rome, sorry Rudesheim you have to try ……


One thought on “Bingen and Rudesheim 

  • We love Ruedesheim, been there three times, once in 2012 took the caravan and joined the Somerset’s rally. It was VERY hot reaching 43 degrees so we roasted in the van or if we left windows open we’re bitten to bits by mosquitoes!! Not good. So glad you are enjoying your tour. Xx


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