Eura Mobil factory, @ Sprendlingen

So we have spent the day hiding from the heat,

At 4pm it was still 29.3 , that’s crazy heat !

we are parked rather nicely along side the Eura Mobil factory, on their free campervan stop, enjoying free electric and free WIFI

due to the crazy weather we have spent the day hiding under the Fiamma wind out awning,

Michele has been thankful of the recharge to her sore legs and I have wasted the day making pointless edits to this website ( answer on a postcard if you spot them – can you still get postcards ?) 

The promised factory tour turned out to only be in German, now my school boy German might get us a loaf of bread or a couple of beers, but not a chance of understanding the tour – such a shame ! – we did how ever mange to see the production line in action, with new forester van been made.

Still can’t help but think we’ve missed something tho, this town appears to have nothing of intrest, yet 4 camper parks ?

But they did have one of these…..


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