Fail to Plan , Plan to fail

If your sitting comfortably I will begin……..

Now children, today’s story has a moral, 

” you know what assume did …. It made an ass out of you and me”

Michele – where are we heading to ?

Paul – Wurzberg, to start the romantic road, 

Michele – Which maps that on in the Camperstop book ?

Paul – 16, so we need to stop somewhere on route, 

Michele – this sounds ok, town might be worth a visit …

Paul- ok let’s plot that in the sat nav…. Ok only 80km 

So whilst driving along I see signs for Basel and then quietly enquire is this sort of half way to Wurzberg ?

Michele – Wurzberg, where’s that, we going down the map not across…….

So opps moment, by not checking the route I am now heading in the wrong direction !

So stop one of the day ( N49.68077 E8.78304) Lindenfels, now I couldn’t disagree it was probably one of prettiest places you could ever visit, once you had scaled the mountain in a 16 year old van…..

Only 1 thing I failed to find – why so many dragons ! 

But a nice ruin ( I think a theme is emerging here) 

By the time we made it back to the van it was still early, apparently I looked bored, so I replanned our route and we headed across Germany towards our destination…. 

Stopping this time at Amorbach, with the promise of a camper stop, but that had been taken over by Polish lorry drivers, so we camped in the car pack across the road, 

Another gem of town, complete with ludo set on the roundabout…..

A quick nip around at the sights and we spyed a bar for an evening tipple…..

So today we head for the romantic road ……


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