Tauberbischofsheim and the start of a romantic journey

Paloma has bagged herself one of only 3 free spaces in the historic town of Tauberbischofsheim (N49.62155 E9.66632), at the start of our romantic road journey.

Another of Germany’s great senic routes, but it’s not going to as easy as the Mosel was, as this time round we have to actually have a plan of where we are going. See the Romantic road isn’t just one road, but more a collection of towns and villages which (hopefully) show off the best of the region.

If you remember from my last blog post we had taken a slight detour, but  we are now safely back on track,

So from my map readings I found where our route would lead us and then quickly googled the town and yes we had hit the jack pot,  a town worth visiting with not only many beautiful building and a massive cathedral but one of my now favourites a castle ruin and a watch tower…..

I guess in the next few days I will make good on my promise and find Michele a proper Germany castle instead of all these ruins.

Castle ruins

Arriving in the town we made our way to the tourist office in search of a town map- 30cent to you “Johnny foreigner” -although Michele says it will make a nice adoption to her scrap book …..

A worthwhile expense 

So 27 sights to find around the town….. Starting at the town hall, the market square, the old hospital and then leading us around the town,through back streets into places you would never normally find……

So all in all a great start to our romantic road trip.

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