Bad Mergentheim- a spa resort (well almost)

Well, Though I might have earned a few brownie points ( for about 30 seconds), when I mentioned to Michele that we were going to a spa resort –  ok a Roman spa town – oh well I Was almost in the good books for a few seconds…..

The guide book pegs this place as “nestled into the gentle rolling hills of the lovely Tauber Valley, a place that has proved over the century to be state of art in relaxation” brought fame in 1826 when a local Shepard Franz Gehrig discovered the Wilhelm fountain and it’s healing water.

Lesson number one of the day, lots of places in Germany are called Bad … Something or other, so being nosey I thought lets google that and it turns out that Bad is Bath hence Bad Mergentheim being a spa resort.

This slow travel is quite infectious with only about 20km covered this morning on the romantic road, but with no rush to be anywhere I don’t feel guilty in not clocking up miles like we used to when on holiday.

We are parked on the official camper parking just on the edge of the town (N. E ) where for €5 plus €2.70 each tourist tax we can stay overnight (€10.40 total) but chucked in we get free entry to the spa gardens.

Better still a town map leaflet, in English no less on the side of the ticket machine…

A short and pleasant  walk through the park reveles the old town and it delightful collection of old building….

As we round the corner it’s like being transported back in time I see a sign from my childhood, so for once I am one dragging Michele into the shopping centre

Not the same,but close.

But no pick and mix 🙁

The spa gardens were no where to be seen so we head back into the tourist information office for a little help, to be directed through the castleground and just keep going, 

yes folks a castle, still not quite what Michele had in mind but probaly better than my collection of ruins.

Reminds me more of an Oxford college than a castle.

The gardens lived up to their billing, 

“An oasis of rest and relaxation”

offering a live concert every day at 3:15 and then regular displays by their fountains during the day. – sadly after all the blue sky days the rain set in and we skipped the open air concert.

The healing water was also given a miss, anyone thinking I might drink a glass of salty water better think again.


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