Germany’s best kept Roman city –  Rothenburg ob der Tauber

All credit to the German tourist board, another gem on this scenic road trip

I read that “By the way, there are several “Rothenburgs” in Germany. Make sure you are going to Rothenburg ob der Tauber (on the Tauber River); apparently people really do sometimes drive or ride the train to other, nondescript Rothenburgs by accident.”  – well thankfully we got it right this time !

In the Middle Ages,Rothenburg was Germany’s second-largest city, with a whopping population of 6,000. Today, it’s the country’s most exciting medieval town, enjoying tremendous popularity with tourists without losing its charm. There’s a thousand years of history packed between its cobbles

The other thing the Germans seem to do as well if not better than the French is provide low cost motorhome parking again we bagged a space on the official parking area, but it seems that the rest of the car park was equally fair game, with the 10 official spaces full the other 45 ish vans took up residence in the surround area! –  and no one seems to mind ! This camper park for the not very princely sum of €10 per 24 hours provides parking, services, electricity and toilets ….

The town itself is magical, everything you think of as German, half  timbered houses, laderhosen, girdles

I’m sure in England this would of some how been a theme park. Charging everyone an entrance fee, something along the line of Clovelly near my home town where you pay to enter the village, but here it’s free,

Rothenburg is a contender for Germany’s best-preserved walled town. I doubt that much would hold a candle to this gem  of medieval Germany. Even with crowds ( got to love thoese Chinese and Americans), the overpriced souvenirs, and a nearly inedible pastry specialty (the over-promoted, fried ball of pie crust called a Schneeball), – oh yes that was a waste of €3 – yep €3, €2 for the cake €1 for the chocolate……

The completely horride cake

First off we took the tour of the town walls where you literally climb to the town of the original town fortifications and then you follow them the complete length of the town, probaly an 1 1/2 walk but well worth the trouble as the views are stunning.

To get away from the hordes of tourist and maybe even hear the birds and bees, take the trail that leads around a Rothenburg idyllic castle gardens

The town its self gave us one of Micheles loves- Christmas shops

Michele in heaven with the Christmas shop van 

We also found Teddy Land, which seems to mainly sell Steif Bears, which start at €20 for the tiniest toy you have ever seen, only about key ring sized.

Thankfully the closest we got to a Steif bear

What a fantastic day !


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