Nordlingen – Germany’s romantic road

This morning we once again set off on the our motorhome road trip along Germanys romantic road, following the now familiar brown signs and ignoring Serina sat navs orders to “turn around when possible”.

Apparently located in the centre of a huge meteorite crater the medival town of Nordlingen was to be our next stop off.

We are settled into the town parking area a few meters from the centre itself ( N48.85488 E10.48445).Once again the European make us feel at home by providing all the required services.

Needing to know what the town had to offer, we popped in the tourist information centre. Even tho it’s a Sunday (apparently you can tell as the shops are all shut) the tourist information offices reception area was open with town maps marking the walking routes and main sights.

We were able to follow the towns wall and battlements around the whole town a distance of around 4.8km 

Town wall selfie

In the centre of the town sits what is described as southern Germany’s largest gothic church. With its tower “Daniel”.

Southern Germany's largest church in nordlingen
And town is again another one of Germany’s gems housing many  historic and many more half timber building for us to look upon in amazement.

Michele trying to follow the town map- not sure this building was even on it.

We end the afternoons tour of Nordlingen with a lovely ice cream in the towns market square.

On our way back to Paloma Michele spyed a sign to a street food festival. So in a effort to not to be rude we popped in for a quick look around …. Yummy !

P.S. After much nagging from Michele I have charged up my GoPro, but once again forgot to take it with us, so still no video footage for you folks……

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