This morning before ( with my coffee in bed) we set off for the ferry I was aimless flicking through Facebook, when I came across this great news item about how often the #vanlife is used in Instagram…..

So here’s my homage to :- #vanlife #view from my windscreen 

But on a more serious note, our journey from the safety of the caravan club site, was free from events, we drove stright into the port, having collect a stream of other motorhomes who assumed we knew where we were going! Passport control was a doddle and no customs problems as no one fancied get into the van with Fred the dog 
We joined lane 45, and headed inside for the worlds most expensive coffee ( best part of £7, for a coffee and a tea !) guess that won’t help the budget, on the way out I did my bit for karma, fixing someone’s sat nav, bless them the guy in Halfords sold the unit but failed to explain how to operate it ! 

Easy drive on and we were on our way……
As you can probably tell from the #vanlife picture we are safely parked on the Gravelines aire overlooking the harbour enjoying a high quality bottle of Lidls beer, currently the pay machine isn’t working, so hopefully that will make up for the coffee

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