Two nights in Stella plage

Paloma is currently tucked away in the sand dunes, enjoying a little rest. For the last couple of days we have stayed still in the sleepie sea side resort, we are parked in the motorhome aire which is flanked either side by tall sand dunes, and has absolutely no cost .

The sleepie sea resort, is more of a ghost town, all the lovely sea facing apartments are closed shutter down !! – such a shame but we are taking the time to relax, destress and try to formulate a plan of things to do, 

Top of the currently reading list now being “lonely plant France” closely followed by our trusty camper stop book 

At the end of dunes is a semi open campsite and over the top of the dunes is mile after mile of sandy beeach, just like being home in Devon ! 

The weather is currently kind, providing blue sky’s . We have opened our vastly expensive juice carton of Lidls wine- known here after as a “brick of wine” -due to the shape and can happily report back that it is totally drinkable at 1.99 for a two bottle size ….. Yum !

Today we decided to walk what should of only been a short distance to nearby chic French resort of le torque Paris Plage,  best part of 20km later we have retuned having seen a beautiful seaside town and enjoyed a sun drenched walk ……

Tomorrow is a job day , we need fuel, gas and most importantly to find a supermarket and some beer and more wine .


One thought on “Two nights in Stella plage

  • Paul Wernham

    Love Stella Plage. It’s usually our first & last stop.


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