Decamp in Fecamp

After leaving the sand dunes, Saturday was to be jobs days…….

We rolled our way to first off  garage to fill with diesel at 1.19 a litre, secondly our first fill of our gaslow bottles, Michele being worried that they may not fill, but I am glad to report that I must have connected them right as we now have two bottle of gas, 22 litres at 98 cent a litre, compared to our old Calor  bottles which would have set us back around £55 for a pair. So payback should be at around the 7 fills mark

We then traveled the 200 ish km towards Fecamp, Now Fecamp is a very French seaside resort, we marvelled how in an aire with over 60 vans we were the only non French ones, the lucky few got a marina side pitch, but as we valued the space we took up residence in the overflow parking, also the place with the service machine, Jeton purchased form the Tourist office and we are all set  to be able to fill with water for the first time since England.

We followed the French example and slowly walked the length of the marina and sea front enjoying the atmosphere, Michele managed her first purchase in a French store, although I’m not sure that “baggette merci” really counts ?

So a tea of barbecued pork chops and salad followed by bread, cheese and Rilletts and a few beers left us ready for bed……

A lazy Sunday (apparently, as I’ve lost track already) morning followed with me finally getting up, a coffee a quick walk out for some morning bread and then more coffee and boiled eggs ( isn’t great to be in no rush) 

Another stroll along the sea front, a chance find a demonstration from some not so young bmx stunt riders and their roller blading companion. 

Our afternoon was to be filled with a trip around the famous Benedictine Palace where they still make the famous drink today, 12 euro each got us on a museum, art gallery and distillery tour, plus a tasting session, 

So another stop over in Fecamp, and a planning sessions for the next few days  is taking place as the weather has turned for the worse, rain has stop play……… But the wine is still cold …..


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