Plan B or is it plan c ?

Or that’s the original plan A back on track ?

Well after our planning session yesterday we came up with a little problem, where do we need to be for the winter ??

We decided we need warm weather, and then a not too torturous drive back towards Blighty…..

Also how easy would it be to spend the next twelve months wondering around France, enjoying the worlds most “camping car” friendly country, speaking a language I almost half understand( if it’s slow enough), eating fantastic bread and drinking stupidly cheaply priced wine which is great ( quick stop ! I think we made a bad choice) 

So all change, we have hot footed it back across the top of France, reverting despite the weather forcast to Plan A which sort of  is following  the river down through Germany, viewing a few castles before heading futher east …..

But hey the way its going it may change again…..

So tonight we are parked on a lovely grass pitch, not on a campsite, still just an aire And free !! ( so very budget friendly ) 

We have had a quick treck around the village, but being a bank holiday it’s as shut as a shut thing, 

So as I type we are enjoying a few olives and  pickled garlic watching the French do what they  do best, smoking a cigarette, and for some unknown reason even with a perfectly good toliet inside, peeing in the hedge ? One day I will understand …….

So tomorrow we continue to head across France  towards the next country Belgium…..


2 thoughts on “Plan B or is it plan c ?

  • Sounds like a good plan to me. Looking forward to the next instalment. Enjoy.

    • Shellthecobbler

      Glad your enjoying my poor writing style !


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