Trip into Belgium…

A perfect start to the day…..

Sunshine, blue sky’s and the genius of the French bread van bringing fresh bread to your door, heaven.

But back to the long term plan, we again moved seamlessly across the top of France, 

With a trip into the motorhomes friend that is Lidls to restock the fridge with “bricks” of wines and  the odd bit of food 

A refill with fuel which leave my MPG calculations a little higher than we had planed on so all good there !

And then  over the border into Belgium, almost no marking these days, it was that bad that we had to pull over so Michele could run back along the road to get the picture of the sign….. Massive fail as she didn’t go for the sign selfie.

So tonight we are parked along side a huge dam, overlooking a lake, the sky’s are grey but hey it’s not all bad in life…… We are on the shore of l’eau d’heure ( N50 11.565 E 004 22.784) 


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