And we are off ……..

The day has finally come and we are beginning our journey, not sure where we will end up but we will be having one heck of an adventure.

Currently we are travelling up to Folkstone where we are staying on a Caravan Club site for one night in readiness for our ferry tomorrow from Dover to Dunkirk. It is all so very new, although we have had a very small motorhome previously our Paloma is a big old girl and a left hand drive, I am sitting in the passenger seat like being on a white knuckle ride as the lorries go trundling past, poor Paul has so far done all the driving.

We sort of had a plan of where we wanted to go, but the weather currently in Europe is being unseasonably cold so it will be chase the sun to start…. where we end up goodness knows.

We have stopped overnight at the caravan club site Black Horse Farm, well what a fabulous place, just been down the road to the local pub and had home cooked pie with chips a couple of pints of real ale, couple of large glasses of wine and when we went to pay… Well the landlord said £40.90 but for cash £40 you can’t get better than that, what a lovely start to our big adventure.

Michele xx

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