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Too hot to travel, a day doing nothing – if only !

The moral of the story, is that a day doing nothing probably can’t ever happen !

So Michele is awake very early this morning, telling me about what a hot days it’s going to be, ok yes at 6am the sun is shining and as I open a blind the roasting heat hit me ….

As we are only a few paces from Lidls Michele pops in for fresh croissants, while I take Fred for his morning doings… Oh we knows how to live the high life..

“it’s going to be hot here, not going to be too much fun traveling in this” – I hear this more than once, until I finally give in and say let’s just stay here another night. At the time  I was quite happy sat with my iPad aimlessly  reading rubbishy stuff on the inter web, but I wasn’t going to get  away that easy.

Next to the Lidls is OBI, a German version of B and Q, now me being me thought why I would ever need to step foot in there, ” I want a trugg bucket”. 

So in we pop, no Trugg buckets to be found at all, perfect ! Now as we have a quick look around I spy some  lightweight metal shelfs. So in the baking heat lucky me gets to empty the motorhome garage, build and adapt said light weight shelves and then tidy the  motorhome garage.

To be fair the garage has always being a mess as it’s so easy to open the door and chuck stuff in, now it’s almost tidy so such so that I can sit in it !

Also I now know why I was allowed to bring a cordless and a selection of tools.

Deffo back to the sight seeing tomorrow as I’m meant to be enjoying myself not working this hard ! 


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