To the end of the romantic road -Fussen

Paloma is taking a well earned rest as in the last week we have traveled the 410km (minus the first due a slight mis direction) of Germany’s romantic road,. We are currently parked on a packed out camper park with around 120 other motorhomes. 

I did my karma thing again, lending someone a mastic gun to try and resell a leaking window after last nights rain shower. Hopefully all these good deeds will pay off in the end ?

The surrounding hills are looking imposing as they fill with snow !

The drive along the romantic road carried on living up to its name, as around every corner another pretty village appeared. As we drove along the scenery started to change from lush green farmland to a sense more accustomed to alpine villages, and the impressive stacks of fire wood grew ever larger.

Knowing our route and sad to say I actually did a bit of reading up on the area and it chucked into our sight seeing a mix of a Unesco world heritage site, no less.

The church in the meadow

The Pilgrimage Church of Wies is an oval rococo church, designed in the late 1740s by brothers J. B. and Dominikus Zimmermann. It is said that, in 1738, tears were seen on a dilapidated wooden figure of the Scourged Saviour. This miracle resulted in a pilgrimage rush to see the sculpture. In 1740, a small chapel was built to house the statue but it was soon realized that the building would be too small for the number of pilgrims it attracted, and so Steingaden Abbey was built .

I got to say from the outside I was less than impressed 

But once we stepped through the doors …..

 Wow o wow ! 

The interior is beyond stunning , if you ever come this way do make the detour for a visit.

Next on the list, a while ago I promised Michele a castle, and as regular readers will know she is less than impressed when in the past I have offered up ruins. 

So now is the time to make good and win a couple of brownie points with not one but two…..

Neushwanstein and Hohenschwangau castles

Yes folks it’s the one from Chitty Chitty Bang Bang ( I’ve just checked on you tube, in case I was wrong) also it supposedly was copied by Disney for Sleeping Beauty’s castle .

The palace of  Neushwanstein was commissioned by Ludwig II of Bavaria, buy sadly was never ever lived in and shortly after his death it was opened to the pubic and is now a Mecca for Japensse tourist – thousands of them !

Sadly we skipped the guided tour as when we arrived just 11 in the morning the next available  tour was 5pm !

So we took the hike up the hill to get a better view , and yes again it was worth it, I not sure Michele’s  legs are agreeing right now !

Hohenschwangau castle was the childhood residence of King Ludwig II of Bavaria and was built by his father, King Maximilian II of Bavaria., sadly it very much over shadowed by its neighbour but very beautiful never the less.

Last but no means least…….


Fussen itself probably gets overlooked due to its proximity to the great castles and their hordes of Japensse tourists, but it’s well worth the trouble to visit.

As is our now almost routine plan, we potter about until we can find the tourist info office, pop in and usually get a free map with walking tour of the town history. Making sure we see all the important sights. Fussen did not disappoint a compact but stunning old town with much to see and experience, all brought together in the old market square which is now filled with many cafe, bars and restaurants with seating out side.

And today a car boot sale in one of the back streets,  you know me always looking for a bargain …

Although I can’t be sure, I think we spyed what is a hydro plant, 

Sadly here end our Romantic road trip, so just need to sort out where we go next ?


Ramdom quote of the day ” smile at strangers, we’re all in this together”

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