Oberammergau  – a trip into the Alps

As temperature were set to sore again today, we made the decision to get up and moving early this morning, so that we missed the midday sun. No one wants to be driving in temperatures of high 30’s if they have a choice.

Well I say early, about 5 weeks ago I used to think nothing of getting up at 5am everyday, now by the time I get up, walk the dog, have a coffee, get Paloma ready for the off its normally nearer 10 o’clock in the morning – oh how I’ve changed !

Even leaving early,well not long after 10, once we’d traveled the 50km across to Oberammergau the day was roasting, finding the motorhome parking we were faced with a choice

A) ACSI campsite at €17

B) overnight parking with use of toilets and shower €12

C) overnight parking with no facility’s €7

Can you guess which we choose ?

Oberammergau is in the heart of the Ammergau Alps, so we are surrounded on all sides with staggering views of mountains, some still with snow on the tops. We have a comfortable little spot with a few trees to try and provide some shade, although they aren’t doing to much today!

Oberammergau is famous for once every 10 years production of the Passion play. The information boards tell us that in 1633 the great plague came to village, the church wardens prayed to god promising to perform the passion if the village was spared. The plague ended and the first production was held in 1634. The play has been profoundest on the same piece of ground since 1830, sadly today it houses a modern theatre, which didn’t look very intresting at all .

As we strolled around the village we couldn’t help but notice the wonderful house painting called “luftlmalerei”, from a distance the painting seems almost 3D, only as you get close to you realise it’s all a paint effect- so amazing !

The other thing the village is famous for is woodcarving, since the 18th century traders from the village have been exporting their works of art and in 1836 the St Luke’s Guild for woodcarvers was founded. Many example are still advalible for sale in the shops today.

This afternoon we strolled along the river bed and found the Crucifixion sculpture, which was gifted to the town by King Ludwig II after the town preformed a private performance of the play for him.

We also found one of the many local ski lifts, but due to the hot hot weather we gave going for a ride and then a hike up the mountains a miss and instead favoured a cooling shower back in Paloma, followed by a few glasses of cool juice.


3 thoughts on “Oberammergau  – a trip into the Alps

  • Enjoy your trip. I’m getting to know my country much better thanks to all you guys travelling. Don’t miss some typical Bavarian dishes?

    • Shellthecobbler

      Thanks Kathrin, it’s a very lovely country indeed !

  • We were lucky to arrive as the beer fest started ..fabulous event ..why it was in June I don’t know but who cares it was an enjoyable Fest..


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