Church on a Sunday and a ski jump in the sun 

Well apparently its Sunday.

Paloma our motorhome works on a different time zone tho, as to coin a phrase from veteran motorhome traveler Jason from Our tour,

“Everyday is a Saturday, as I didn’t have to get up for work this morning and I don’t need to get up for work tomorrow”.

So how did we find out it was Sunday ?

Rewind 12 hours….. Whilst planning our next move I spot that there is an intresting Monastery  in Ettal a mere 7km away, so that’s stop one for today. On Sunday’s they hold many many services, meaning that visiting times are few and far between…

Arriving we spot that the service is underway, only on checking did we find that it had started at 9.30 – as it was now nearly 11 of my god how long !! – thankful it soon ended and us not so religious folks got to take a look.

Another  epic church, another OMG moment, as we are amazed by the opulence and grandure of this place.

The Monstry monks also brew beers!! – sadly their shop isn’t open, well it’s probably healthier isn’t it ?  – unable to sample the beer we moved on.

So that’s how I ended up in church on a Sunday, or Saturday in my world .

Next on today’s list, and in hindsight mainly because the name made Michele do that girly giggle “Mount Wank”

On the way we hit our first proper length tunnel at 2500m- sad I know but I love driving through a tunnel.

And then onto the Olympic Park in Garmish Partenkirchen to see the ski jump park, the marked out walking park takes you to the top of the jump, so that you stare down the epic height and wonder how or why anyone would want to hurl themselves down to the end of ramp and flying through the air.

The site is the same site as the 1936 jump although it has been replaced with a more modern version to meet the current world championship regulations. Intresting enough Garmisch Partenkirchen would have also hosted the 1940 winter games if it hadn’t been for the small matter of the war.

With the sun beating down and no shade on our parking spot  we pushed on to our overnight stop  Einsiedl ( N 47.569120, E 11.302270). Located next  to a scenic swimming lake. So no sooner had we parked, off with my shorts on with swimmers. Fred and I sent some time splashing about, playing stick !  – what a great way to cool off.

As the sun went down We sat out under the new moon and tried to spot the stars. Having lived in Devon all my life i didn’t think we suffered from light pollution, but the darkness in this wilderness is beyond belief.

So our day was rounded off nicely, the evening made even more tranquil as we have found a black spot, for the first time on our trip no 3G signal, looks like were winging it for places to visit tommorrow.


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