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The Delft and Den Hagg

With Alma the Adria snugly parked in, an enchanting, if slightly run down and dishevelled Camperstop (the other campsite is closed in December).

After managing to get access to the site, by calling the number printed on the gate, driving down a pothole ridden mile of sandy stone driveway past the containers pretending to be an office and house.

We found our spot, Motorway to one side and builder sand pile to the other.

It’s all about the angle- looks ok from this one

Well I’m not sure that actually paints a very nice picture, but this place has location!

5km into The Delft and 5km towards Den Haag

we were eager to explore what had been described to us as a mini Amsterdam, so set off on foot to discover this beautiful place.

Delft’s historic center is a pedestrian paradise, a maze of narrow lanes lined with gabled houses, quaint shops, and bustling cafes.

We wandered aimlessly, soaking in the atmosphere and marveling at the intricate brickwork and stained-glass windows.

Now, in my mind this place was only famous for one thing- No visit to Delft is complete without indulging in its pottery obsession.

We made a beeline for the Royal Delft shop , reputably the world’s oldest pottery factory.

If you fancy it, the factory itself is located a short walk outside the main town and like every good tourist attraction they offer a guided tour to revealed the fascinating secrets of Delftware production, from hand-painting delicate patterns to firing the iconic blue and white pottery.

Thankfully we settled on the shop and one of the joys of living in a caravan/motorhome We emerged with wallets in tack !

Even the lampposts are detailed in the pottery

The other thing the delft has in spades is Canals and what beautiful canals they are !

We glided along the edges of waterways, admiring the reflections of grand buildings and bridges in the shimmering water, the ultimate way to pass a few hours in this glorious city.

5km on the bikes in the other direction, we were cruising along the Dutch coastline towards Den Haag.

The sun glinted off the North Sea(poetic licence) and the scent of fresh sea air filled the air.

We were excited to explore this vibrant city, known for its royal palaces, art museums, and charming canals.

Den Haag is the Netherlands’ third-largest city and the seat of the Dutch government.

It’s also a popular tourist destination,but for us we were craving a bit of ‘Vitamin Sea’ and perhaps a glimpse of the sunshine.

we headed to Scheveningen Beach, a popular resort town just outside of Den Haag.

A walk along the pier, enjoyed the fresh sea air and yep no sunshine !

I love a bit of free public art and this beachside location is truly beautiful.

American sculptor Tom Otterness immersed himself in fairy tales and legends about the sea and modeled twenty-three groups of sculptures of which the largest – the Herring eater – reaches more than twelve meters into the sky.

At first glance, the images look happy, but upon closer inspection, the fairytales turn out to be rather creepy, and sometimes even grim.

My (Paul) must see in this epic city was to be probably the most photographed building in The Hague, the Peace Palace.

It is the seat of the International Court of Justice.

It houses a free museum to allow you a little glimpse of the history, which in itself just leads you to more questions….

The Hague has worldwide recognition as the internationale city of Peace and Justice.

The Eternal Peace Flame burns beside the entrance to the Peace Palace. The first peace flame in the Netherlands was placed beside the entrance gates to the Peace Palace on 18 April 2002.

The monument bears the inscription:

‘May all beings find peace’

Since 2004, the monument has been surrounded by the World Peace Path, which consists of a path of 196 large and small stones from 196 countries. Some of these stones are unique: they include, for example, a piece of stone from the Berlin Wall and a stone from Robben Island where Nelson Mandela was imprisoned for many years.


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    Delft looks a lovely place. Love the lampost.


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