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Anyone for Cheese- Gouda

Gouda cheese is legendary!

Its creamy texture and nutty flavour have captivated palates for centuries.

But Gouda is more than just a cheese wheel.

It’s a picturesque city where canals lined with gabled houses shimmer under the Dutch sun. It’s a place where bicycles outnumber cars.

They also provide for the princely sum of 8 euro, a place to park your motorhome and with Alma the Adria parked and plugged into the free EHU we set off across one of the main bridges towards the old town.

The Markt, Gouda’s central square, is a feast for the senses. The Gothic Town Hall, adorned with intricate carvings and stained glass windows, stands proudly at its heart.

Cafes spill out onto the cobblestones, tempting passersby with steaming cups of coffee and the enchanting aroma of Mulled wine.

Naturally, we couldn’t resist a cheese tasting.

We found a cozy shop tucked away on a side street, where any cheese connoisseur with a twinkle in his eye, would be heaven – munching our way through a selection of local Gouda. From mild and creamy to aged and complex….

As the sun dipped below the horizon, casting long shadows across the canals, we made our way back to Alma.

After a short stop for a beverage or two…..


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