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Kinderdijk and it’s awesome Windmills

We’ve been on the road for a few days now, our trusty Adria Vision motorhome, ‘Alma’, carrying us from one breathtaking European destination to the next.

Ok, first things first- is it Holland or the Netherlands??

Nope I don’t know either and so as to not offend an entire country I’d best look it up…

Turns out (cheers , Google) that the official name of the Kingdom is the Netherlands.

Amazingly this is our first venture into ‘motor-homing in the Netherlands’

Tonight, we find ourselves, on a very beautiful and well maintained little Camperstop, which one would imagine in the spring and summer is somewhat over subscribed, alas tonight we are on our lonesome.

Drawn by the promise of windmills,Canals and that word ‘UNESCO’ which sort of implies that we will get the best of the best, here we are.

Over the years I (Paul) have taken the approach that if a UNESCO site is near by that I need a reason not to go and visit rather than a reason why ?

Kinderdijk is no different! And who could come to the Netherlands and not see windmills!

A small but perfectly formed village in the Netherlands , probably about an hour’s drive from Amsterdam.

So a short and beautiful stroll along the river in search of Windmills

It’s famous for its 19 windmills, which were built between 1738 and 1740 and are a mixture of stone and wooden construction to drain the polders, or reclaimed land, below sea level.

Most polder land was (is) originally peat bogs much like our home area of Somerset and its levels around Glastonbury.

Therefore the land was often quite fertile. For years, more and more people migrated to these areas and dykes were created to keep the water out…. but they still needed a way to clear out rainwater and groundwater.

Which is where the windmills came in. They could be used to pump the water off the land and back into the rivers and sea.

These majestic windmills, with their towering sails and sturdy wooden frames, are a sight to behold, especially when they’re all lined with an eerie mist hanging from them.

we were absolutely smitten with its beauty and serenity. The windmills, reaching towards the sky, are an awe-inspiring sight.

If you’re looking for a unique and unforgettable travel destination, I highly recommend Kinderdijk. It’s the perfect place to relax, soak up the Dutch culture, and learn about the country’s fascinating history.

And if you’re planning a trip to Kinderdijk,I hope you enjoyed this blog post. If you have any questions, please leave a comment below.


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