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A clock in the middle of nowhere, but had to be seen !

Alma, our trusty Adria Vision motorhome, purrs contentedly beneath the grey sky as we plot our next adventure.

This time, the siren song of more rural Belgium beckons, whispering tales of medieval charm, delectable waffles, and a peculiar timepiece that defies gravity.

Lier, a picturesque town nestled just outside Antwerp, awaits, and with its ancient heart beating.

So I somewhat doubt you’ve ever heard of the place, I hadn’t either, but a picture on the interweb, sparked a need to find this magical time piece!

Thankfully for us, this tiny town boasts an official motorhome aire, albeit with only two spaces, but we have managed to bag Alma our Adria one of thoses.

So off, across the river in search of the masterpiece!

And then, we stumble upon it!

The Zimmer Clock. This 14th-century masterpiece isn’t your average timepiece. Forget hands ticking across a predictable face, no no my friends this is so much more !

The Zimmer Clock is a symphony of movement, a ballet of brass and wood that tells time like no other.

With its rotating spheres, dancing figures, and astronomical displays, it’s a testament to human ingenuity and a hypnotic testament to the passage of time.

Standing beneath the Zimmer Clock, suddenly it feels less like we’ve traveled here in our motorhome and more like we have a time machine!

We’re transported back to medieval markets, the clang of the clock’s chimes echoing through centuries.

It’s a reminder that while our Adria Vision may whisk us through time and space, some things – like the human fascination with timekeeping and the enduring charm of a Belgian town, remain a beautifully constant.

And who knows, maybe your trusty motorhome will become your own chariot to countless unforgettable experiences.

Just remember, the journey is just as important as the destination, and with an ‘Alma the Adria’ by your side, every road leads to an adventure.


Watch the video here :-

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