The counts birth place.

Our base for the next two nights is to be camping Aquarius at the foot of the historic town of Sighişoara, Romania. 

The view from just outside the van is spectacular, lighting the night sky is one of the most amazing, opulent church building we have seen on our travels, and we’ve seen a few !

The campsite, yes a real life campsite is a mere 500 meters from the centre of the new town, but  as we cross the small pedistrian footbride, which spans the almost dried out river we are treated to views of the beautiful UNESCO world heritage site of the old citidal.

The lower, or new town is a lively place full of bars and cafes, perfect for enjoying a cocktail or three, or as I did one evening a freshly cooked Pizza, Note to ones self just because it was about £3 didnt mean it was going to be small, it could have easily feed two or three…..

Climbing he steep cobbled path brought us directly into he breathtaking old town, immediately presenting us with the historic clock tower built in around the second half of the 14th century and largely expanded in the 16th century. The four small corner turrets on top of the tower symbolized the judicial autonomy of the Town Council, whom dealt justice as they liked… –  now a tourture chamber mesum.

A little futher along we are present with the covered stairs which  was meant to protect schoolchildren and churchgoers on their climb to the school and church during wintertime. Originally, the stairs had over 300 steps, thankfully now it’s only 178. This is a strange experience as from the top or bottom, they appear cloaked in total darkness, but as you climb the sunlight dapples through the sides and roof.

To the north of the Clock Tower stands one of the best  gothic-style structures in Transylvania, the Church on the Hill – 

Leaving the church on the hill we took the longer path, which lead us out around the remain town defences and it’s stunning towers.

And finally the most important site of the day ……

The Vlad Dracul House is located in the Citadel Square, close to the Clock Tower. This is the place where Vlad Tepes, the inspiration for Bram Stoker’s famous work of fiction and probaly the only reason I convinced Michele to follow me to Romaina, was born here in 1431 and lived with his father, Vlad Dracul. now a cafe, where for 5 Ron, you can see the room he was born in ! Sadly I fear that this building has been rebuilt many many times, so we gave that a miss !


Bonus pic !!!  – the best of the tat shop !

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