Romanian lakes

Doesn’t the world look better after a good nights sleep…….

The our leap of faith team awoke ready to wash away the negativity of yesterday and embrace the challenges of Romaina. 

Thankfully all the driving yesterday had put us only a few meters away from the one of the greatest sights in the country, we had glimpsed it yesterday as we climbed to the top of the surrounding hills, but still nothing could prepare us for the awesome sight….

To one side of us a majestic lake known locally as the “Lacul Izvorul Muntelui” or the mountain spring lake to me and you…. 

This man made lake is the largest in the whole of Romania.

Rising up on the west shore glimpses of mount Ceahlau, and then to the other side of us the might of the 1950s hydroelectric station and its  127meter high dam !

Perhaps a bit of #manstuff experience, but even Michele could see the beauty, but she wasn’t to keen as I leaned as far other the edge as I dared, just waiting for someone to come along and point to the no photos sign, right beside me.

From here we made the easy  30km journey out to Bicaz Gorge,  a stunning canyon which cuts directly thought the Hugh limestone cliffs, which tower hundreds of feet above you, anyone who has ever visited Cheddar Gorge, this is a similar thing, but the scale is much much grander….

We stopped off and took Fred dog for a walk through the first stages, allowing us up close and personal views of the river and the rock formations.

Before Climbing back onboard Paloma to complete the rest of the 8KM drive, an epic sight to be seen.

Near the end of the gorge we were treated to another lake, “Lacul Ruse ” – the red lake, the story goes :-

“The lake was formed in the 1837, when a land slide occurred. 

Damming the river but also crushing a family picnicking nearby, spilling their blood into the water

Making a deep blood red coloured lake”

I’m not so sure about red lake, more muddy browny green, but the rotten tree trucks that randomly protrude from the surface, certainly make or an epic sight…

 Continuing the mountain climb we eventually submited to most beautiful views of the day..

As travel is fairly slow on Romanian roads we started a new game, guess the make of he car passing on the blind corner, I think I am fairly well up with my “Dacia” for every car passing.

And it’s no wounder the home produced, low cost car has a massive fan following not just here but at home as well, 


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