Transfăgărăşan Highway, the Top Gear road (part one) 

Top Gear branded the road the best drive in the world and today, we are off to check out the unpronounceable Transfăgărăşan Highway. 

Whilst Jeremy, Hammond and captain Slow headed to the road with an Aston, a Ferrari and a Lambo, we head to the pass in Paloma, our 3.5 ton 18 year old motorhome.

Rewinding a little, yesterday we packed up from our super little campsite, and headed off the 100km to find a place for the night, thankfully along the road we found signs for Casa Duas, a small guesthouse come campsite- a perfect base, to give us an early start on the Transfăgărăşan Highway. 

Yesterday at the campsite the hills were almost unseeable blanketed in grey clouds…..

But as the sun set we were treated to an instrgram worth red sky, giving us hope of a mr blue sky day .

Thanks to the power of YouTube, I treated Michele to the top gear episode so she could see what was in store, then she promised we could only go up if she could close her eyes the whole way !!!

Yes, the main reason I know of this road is from the Sunday night TV of a few years ago, so I would read up a little on the road. Nicolae Ceaușescu, long term Romania dictator had it built, using armed forces personnel in around four year. Just in case they needed to evacuate his troops in a hurry.

It opened in 1974, It is completely unknown how many people died building but sources quote around 40.

So was it sheer madness or complete brilliance, that one I will leave for you ?

About 18 months ago Michele bought me a GoPro as I really really needed one, but like most gadgets   I craved it didn’t ever get much use, until today. With camera charged and mount fixed in side on the dash, I was determined to capture this road trip !

We woke this morning, our prayers had been answered !

Blue blue sky !!!

The Top gear super cars, may have made it up the pass in minutes but as we only have the super camper so things were a little slower…..

Stopping off just before the end of the tree line, for our first views 

Next we stopped at about the half way point. For our morning coffee and a chance to snap some more pics…

Finally we pulled up over the crest of the road, 

Giving us the opportunity to walk around the peak of the mountains….

with a lovely lake and random patches of unmelted snow……

and excellent views of the road we’d just travelled up. 

The feeling of being on top of the world, was further enhanced by the almost party like atmosphere with busy stalls selling all types of local foods and jolly Romania folk music blasting out …….

For me this place was extra-ordinary…….

A) it’s one of those places where people gravitate,  Today I’ve seen Holidaying couples, day trippers. Sports car drivers and Hikers looking to pitch a tent in this remote wilderness. 

In my defence I think this is why I have come travelling to see folks from all kinds of backgrounds on all kinds of adventures, the place is a Mecca –  heaven 

 B)  the mountains around us were so beautiful that I did in fact waste a huge part of the day staring in awe ! And taking way to many photographs.

So yes epic road, epic scenery and epic people around ! – A Romania must see!

Here’s to the route down !


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