The bottom of Austria – well we’re on our way !

Today we left Vienna, knocked a few km on the motorway before turning off on to the S6, my rational for this route was that it passed a few ski resorts, so if would be lush and green to look at. I was right apart from the odd long climb, in a three and half ton tractor it was an epic driving route. The views of the mountain ranges were first class and the tunnels, well in case you didn’t know something about me loves driving through tunnels ! Michele looked terrified most of time, but me I was happy as a pig in pig stuff !!

I even got her to video one !

The end result of this route was a 10km long tunnel just out side of Graz, Austria. Epic!

We pulled off into Graz, but even trying the park and ride failed to find a safe spot for Paloma,  a kind man seeing us reversing around the corner to turn around tried to convince we could park by the cemetery, but even there we would have been along way into the road.. 

So we decided After the capital yesterday we didn’t need to visit another city, so the home of Arnie will de given a miss and say “we will back! , another time” 

A stop for fuel at 0.99 a litre ( who said Ausrtia is expensive) – giving us a full tank for our journey.

Pushing on we needed to find a sleepy spot for the night, so we are now parked in the aire in funnily named Deutschlandberg, well I say aire more a Carpark really, but a nice quite location just next to tennis club.( N46.817830 E15.222480). 

The town itself is a sweet little place filled with cafes and bars, so a wonder around passed away the afternoon, on the outskirts of town in a castle now turned into a museum,which look to be worth a visit. Michele provided directions back toward Lidls to purchase a few beverages, but somehow the Lidls which was a mere couple of hundred meters from the van took us nearly an hour to walk to ….. Bless her, directions on this trip aren’t turning out to be her strong point, Michele nods in agreement and says this is why I’m not doing the driving.

Whilst walking the dog this evening we stumbled into the local retail park and managed to get a snap of a long gone English institution ” Coats and Aats”. 

Along side a Spar shop, the size I have never seen before, at home we have the tiniest of shops but here it’s a hyper market !

Oh and the best bit I pick a time after they had all closed – get in there !!


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