No mountain to high…. No lake to …..

To end our Austrian odyssey, Paloma our motorhome is perched riverside, with the current torrential rain, the river sound is almost deafening – perfect !!

So we have made it to Ferlach ( N46.52633 E14.29750) few Km from the Solvenia boarder, which we will attempt to cross in the morning.

On our journey today we took a slight detour, well it is a detour if it’s on purpose ? 

But the mountain roads are very kind this time of year so we decided to take the senic route  across the top of mountains, leaving us with daunting climbs and then 10% descents, not the best idea in our old girl, who at the sign of hills decides to run out of power and want you change down and then at the sight of decent the breaks warm ready to cook your toast !

All that said we made our lunch stop, The fjord-like mountain lake of Soboth. It enchants with its picturesque appearance and pleasant water temperatures, originally built to supply the hydro power station, this man made lake is just about perfect.

You know how sometime you put your foot in it, there’s me jumping out of the van, I glance up to towards the woods ” look a bear” – that was it she jumped out of her skin – opps

So i guess that when I mentioned it looked a heck of lot like the lake from the 2000’s film Lake Placid, and all that was missing was the old lady feeding the crocodile a fat cow, the mood was set ! A perfect stroll around the lake with Fred, whiled away an hour or so, but Michele had decided it was a bit islolated to overnight, so onwards we moved.

Arriving in Ferlach, via more beautiful green mountain roads, climbing yet more mountains, we encountered pouring rain, and it didn’t give up until late into the night. We did venture out and find the tourist office, just in case…. 

And I did find a bear !!


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