Riverside city living- Maribor

We have stayed on our fair share of Slovinean waterside pitches with our motorhome Paloma, but probably none as tranquil as this. We are possibly in the designated motorhome parking area, or very very possibly wild camping on a patch of wasteland ? (N46.565555 E15,619739)

The website for the restraunt next door speaks of motorhome parking, but no one knows anymore. So this is us for the night, a few feet from the sound of the lapping river. 

With the sun beating down on us and temperatures in the van reaching high thirtys let alone what it must be outside we opted to sit tight and make sure Fred dog was keeping cool, not an easy task with a grumpy lab, who thinks the best bet is to lay directly in the sun !

Both Michele and I made it through until about 5’clock before the temptation of popping across for a cold beer, became to too much, Beer poured and world seemed right once again. isn’t ice cold beer and a frozen glass a magical thing !

As time was ticking on, well my stomach though it was late and neither us being too fussed to cook on such a hot day, we decided to take. A peak at the menu…….

Starter of Prawn cocktail (how 70’s) for Michele and Bambi sausage for me followed by a massive sharing hot plate, so that was 2 steaks, 2 chicken breasts, 2 pork chops with rice, chips, veg and salads……

Why so much food ?

Including the beers, wine etc €41.05 or around £36 – not too bad at all !

With temperatures cooled off over night, we got up early ( well before 9 is  early for us these days) and headed off into the city, a nice 2km stroll along the side of the river.

The uber chic cafe culture of Maribor city was alive and well with many of the coffee houses already full to bursting with people enjoying their morning espresso.

We sauntered around the city centre taking the delightful oldbuilding, checking out the market, see the newer street art and mainly just soaking up the atmosphere, a perfect way to spend the sunny morning.

I had a quick run through the water sprayers, but because Michele hadn’t got a picture, she made me stand their whilst she mucked around taking the shot !

Perhaps a little wetter than planned, but very refreshing all the same.

We also spotted what is considered one of Slovinea’s best homages to God for stopping the plaque.


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