A beer fountain ??

Paloma has pride of place in the official motorhome aire in Zelac / Vrjbe Slovinea (N 46.240850 E 15.154000).

 Once again we are the only people staying on this stopover, which is free but you have to pay for electricity. But on a positive note, a few weeks ago whilst in Germany, my German friend in his probably quarter of million pound Merrlo Liner showed me that you must check to see if anyone has left any money on the machine, so like a good pupil I checked and low and behold, thanks to the last person staying here we have free electricity too !

The weather is hot hot hot again,but we are slowly learning, we have all the blinds down on the windows in sun and as it moves around we are opening and closing windows and blinds.

A mere few feet away is the Vrjbe nature Pond and it’s fantastic sculpture garden ( All free of course, we are in Europe). 

We took the 3km Hop walking trail which leads you around the Pond, with viewing spots to eye up the massive carp, which look more like fishy dinosaurs from along ago era.

 Past the bird hides with their rickety steps up, along the river, 

with the fresh local Salmon all trying to swim up river, making slow progress as they dart from side to side across the rocky beds. 

Until finally you are lead past field after field of Hops growing for the local beer production.

The sculptures are all carved from wood, but unlike in the UK, where these would probaly have been defaced they are in exceptional condition in this exceptional place !

To the other side of the aire, we meandered into the Town of Zalec, in hope of finding what had drawn me here in the first place…..

The town is a very wealthy  in Slovinean terms with much building of new larger houses, with its main industry being brewing and everything that surrounds it.

But it still has a photo worthy church. The Church of St Nicholas and it’s wine cellar.

A walk around the town and it trendy bars and restaurants leads us to the Market square and town park, where the object of my desire lay.

The touirst information boards tell of the festivals to celebrate the hops where a local, young, unmarried maid ( they are always young maids rant they), who comes from a hop growing family and knows everything about hops if offered up, to ensure the harvest goes well !

And to celebrate the town traditions they have created A beer Fountain! No less !


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