More Forests and hidden surprises

Slovinea keeps up offering stunning landscapes and unbelievable vista, Paloma our motorhome has today found herself parked next to some big red boys ! 

She is on the official motorhome aire in Kozje, which is located right next to the local fire station.

Thankfully we had a quite night as once again thankfully the village didn’t burn !

The village is in the heart of the Podsreda park, which offer hiking trails to tempt you throgh the local hillsides towards the castle in the distance, given it was 32km long and the sun was baking down on us we chose the much more sadate option of exploring the near by village.

The peacefulness was such anlevel, that you could have believed that their was nothing to see or enjoy( Michele was convinced of this after walking the dog),  but an explore was in order. 

Central to the town was the market square with its “Pillory” an instrument of punishment from the market town judicial system, where people charged with offences would be left for all to see ! – bit like Facebook today !

To one end of the square was the really rather randomly shaped Liberation war monument.

Directly behind this we find the first of towns churches,With John the Baptist sat outside.

Along with the local graveyard and it’s one of kind vending machine!

But the big draw to the town, lies on a hill side, with views of this unique place of worship all around, a vist was a must.

The series of small Chaples represents the Calvary  and the Stations of the cross.

Defiantly a one of kind……

Also when did Steve Jobs and Apple start designing bus shelters ? 


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