Another idyllic lake side setting

Paloma is sat, on the hot Tarmac, lake to one side, with fish jumping out of the lake to take the lazy low flying dragonfly and a bank of sweet smelling wild strawberrys to the other.

We are parked in the town  of Ormoz official motorhome aire, but from the fuss we are causing among the locals I guess a motorhome, let alone a motorhome from the uk is a very rare sight.

With the current European heat wave in full swing, we were left with no option but to take to the local bar and see off slightly more than a few ice cold beers. All whilst watching the local fisherman test their skills against our old friend Mr Carp.

The sun made a very early appearance at about 5am this morning, but as I tried to drift off back to sleep, the gentle thump of ball on skittle, stops me. Peering out of the window it looked as though the locals had a massive oversized version of bar skittles and the tournament was just starting.

With every growing interest we decide to get up early and see what sights the town held, before the heat become too intense once again.

Ormoz is a fairly small town, but does have an beautiful church and nice historic old town.

A visit to the park, in which we found the castle.

Down towards the river of Drava, where you think we maybbe able to go for a wounder, but sadly our attempts where in vein, 

Some kind soul had put the Croatian boarder in our way, and with no passports on hand we could go no further.

As the temperatures rose, we caved into pressure and hid for the afternoon in the shade, the humidity is the real killer today,  I made the mistake of taking a walk to the local supermarket to acquire a few radlers (shandy to me and you ) but by the time I returned I was soaked from head to toe- not nice!!

Apprently I had my head burried in a  book for most of the morning, which for me is a novelty but I have, after starting it a fair few times over the last few years seen off “Rich dad, Poor dad”- umm  so now my question isn’t “I can’t afford a new motorhome and life of travel”

 but “how can I afford it ? ” – any one got any ideas……

It looks like tomorrow we shall head for another boarder and into another new country, wish us luck !


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