Hello Hungary,

Another day, another boarder, but this one we were able to cross!

Michele snaps another EU flag sign.

Paloma, our motorhome is tucked away under the trees, on a small campsite, in Lenti, Hungary ( N 46.625820, E 16.532660) Well I say campsite really it’s just this sweet old ladies back garden.

For the first time on this trip language has stumped us, well almost ! I ve got to say I impressed ever myself, a few thousand years ago, as a school child they tried, and I always thought failed to teach me German. But somehow from the depth of my brain, I was able to hold a very poor conversation. Location of facilities, tips on bars restaurants and advice of the towns music festival…… 

Oh yea and a glass of home made schnapps…….

Just what you need schnapps at 11am.

Must of tried a little too hard,  few minutes later she retuned with loads of touirst leaflets about the country for us, but all in German.

Once settled in, we decided to take ourselves into the town and see what Hungary has to offer, now neither Michele or I can tell you anything useful about this country, my knowledge of the history is equally useless, only knowing that Hungary was part of the Austro-Hungarian Empire, until the First World War. After W.W.II, it settled on being Communist. Sometime In the early 2000’s they joined the EU. So nothing to go their really …

We have lots to learn !!

Job one was to acquire some cash, as they have their own currency, which we have none of….

At last I’m rich !

A walk atound the town showed off some of  it intresting bits and bobs 

A stop off in the local bar, found us thinking it was going to be a really expensive place to be, a small beer and a wine 450 Huf, until we realised that it was probaly worth about £1.30 ish

450 Huf – how much ?!

Back to Paloma to cook some tea, had we believed the prices on the board outside the restaurant we wouldn’t have bothered, their set lunch menu for two courses was 810 Huf, guess we will be eating a few times in this country.

Now the other day I was reading on one of the many motorhome groups on Facebook, how you can’t cook in a motorhome and have to eat ready meal all the time, so I am here as:-

A) motorhome owner 


B) useless man

So To put this right. Paloma has probaly the most basic of basic kitchen, with only a 2 burner hob, but we do have a double skillet oven. So for tea I rustled up home made chicken bhuna. A simple recipe even a useless man could follow, fry stuff add spices and bake in oven.

Who needs ready meals !!

Finally we were treated to a beautiful sunset

You know what they say – Red sky at Night, Hungarys on fire !


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  • you are lucky to be able to visit a beautiful country or city


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