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Mini Heki fitting Guide

To cut the very long story short, a while back we noticed that during some heavy rain overnight the sky light above the bed leaked a little.

Drip, drip, drip…… what a long night…….

Michele went into panic mode, we were going home, but I talked her around to at least let me look in the morning.

Fearing the worst I climbed out of the main heki, by standing on a folding stool placed on top of the dining table ( health and safety first  and all ) 

Thankfully for us, no great leak, just a cracked lid to the skylight, so a large helping of sticks like sh.. , and we have been all good.

Not being in one place for more than a day or so rules out buying one on-line and trying to find a stockist with stock has been a thankless task

Until today, last week we, by chance got introduced to Andrew on Facebook, who happens to run a campsite, Tranquil Pines.So I asked the million dollar question did he know of anyone in Hungary who might have one.

Well miracle of miracles,he sourced us one !

So today, I had my first lesson in how great a country this is, the post man arrives, with my bill for 424900 Huf (around €125) and then gives me my package – what a great system !

Above our bed used to be a Fiamma Turbo Vent, but didn’t let a lot of light in and made way to much noise to be on too long.

So we chose the Domentic mini heki, a clear roof light that opens right up, so more light and more air flow

Tick number one it’s size was 400mm x 400mm bang on the same size as the other ! 

Step one, unpack and check contents ( how many times have you built a flat pack to be missing something ?)

Step two, remove inner frame of old skylight.

Step three, remove retaining screw and gently ease out old skylight.

Step four, Most importantly! Clean away all the old mastic.

Step five, reclean the area. All traces of the old must be gone !!

Step six, dry fit the new roof light

Step seven, apply mastic (non setting) to the roof light, I used solid strips on a roll like the W5 stuff in the uk.

Step eight, push the rooflight down firmly.

Step Nine, attach the inner frame and tighten the retaining screws, I as I always do did them in opposites corners to give an even amount of pressure to tighten the sky light.

Step ten, attach the blinds and bingo job done !

And finally sit back and admire whilst sipping coffee ( it was too early for a beer), then to remove all the old Turbo Vent wireing….

Not a difficult job, even with little to no tools and in +30 dregree heat 

DIY rating 2 out of 10.


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