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Rincón de La Victoria, Spain and a some amazing Caves.

I wonder how many people must have just passed Rincón de La Victoria (a seaside town just east of Malaga) on the motorway.

To be honest it looks an unremarkable, nondescript place from the Road , so why stop ?

But once down on the coast one finds that the town has created a coastal walk combining a disused railway and interesting stepped paths.

Somehow we have found ourselves on the slightly quirky, but instantly loveable Area Malaga Beach Camperstop.

Our original plan was to use this as a stop, so we could visit the city of Malaga, as it was about 9km away and we were on the bus route !

But the weather has conspired against us, with full sunshine and temperatures in the 20’s by lunchtime each day, it would not be practical to leave the dog unattended for more than a couple of hours- never mind I won’t complain !

Thankfully the local area does not disappoint one little bit, no sooner had we left the campground you are directly on the prom, with its dog friendly beach a few feet away.

A selection of BBQ fish restaurants awaiting your hungry bellies.

For centuries, the Cueva del Tesoro (Treasure Cave)has haunted travellers and explorers. All this time nobody has managed to find the treasure, but they all have been fascinated with this beauty pierced by the Mediterranean, apparently the only cave of marine origin that you can visit in Europe.

The existence of the cave is recorded from prehistoric times, when this area was all sea.

It is in the twelfth century when the legend of the treasure begins, since it is said that an Almoravid emir, Tesufin ibn Ali, hid here his fortune to keep it safe from Almohad troops.

One of the best things about being directly on the beach is the opportunity to grab the best ‘Golden Hour’ shots


P.S. the caves are free if you prebook the 10am slot …

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