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Nerja, Spain – picture perfect paradise

Verity the Volkswagen wheels have come to rest in a Carpark, which one can only assume is a firm favourite amongst Van dwellers, as we are sharing it with at least another 50 Van folk ! (N 36.7476, W 3.87284)

Sadly it’s just mixed parking, but as you exit in any of the corners, you enter one of the sweetest resorts along this coastline.

There are many narrow cobblestone streets lined with shops and restaurants. Like in the rest of Andalusia, beautiful hidden streets are just waiting to be discovered.

This place just has a chilled vibe, a relaxing atmosphere, charming architecture, good food, and of course to take in the views to die for ….

If you do visit Nerja, the main focal point of this beautiful coastal town is the Balcón de Europa

It’s probably the most famous landmarks in Nerja, where you can just wander along the palm-lined broadwalk to the large circular plaza at the end.

One of the main reasons this viewing terrace is so popular with visitors is because of it’s balcony over the rocky cliff that has wonderful views of the coastline in every directions.

It is said that King Alfonso XII gave this rocky outcrop its name, while inspecting the damage caused by a huge earthquake during his visit to the village Supposedly, King Alfonso XII stood on this rock balcony and enjoyed the view so much he said, “This is the Balcony of Europe.”

The Balcón de Europa was built on the site of an old 9th century Moorish fortress.

You will find many beautiful beaches in Nerja and you do not need to look far. You can even access the beach right from the center of town.

On both sides of the Balcony of Europe, you can access small sheltered beaches.

Oh and did I say the sunrise is magnificent!


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