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Ronda,Spain – More than just a Bridge!

In the land of ‘Bucket list’ travel this place must make the top 10, although I imagine, ok witnessed , hordes of folks grab a snap of probably the most instagramable Bridge and heading straight back to their tour buses ….

Verity the Volkswagen has headed high into the mountains, for our chance to see the famous bridge, but more importantly explore the rest of this stunning little town. Located high on a rocky plateau and almost split down the middle by the dramatic El Tajo gorge, Ronda is a scenic treasure. It’s also one of the white villages of Andalusia’ that is famous for and a must in any Andalusia road trip

Thankfully for us motor-homers the city has seen fit to create a wonderful little Aire, just on the outskirts, provide safe parking, with Full facilities including EHU for just €18 a nights (N 36.7524, W 5.14775)

Besides the jaw dropping Bridge, it also has a rich history of Moorish and Christian rule, leaving lots to discover.

Ok, let’s get it out the way- Puente Nuevo is the number one thing to do in Ronda and the icon of the town, as highlighted by the the fact that at the top, you will be sharing it with hundreds of others

This 18th-century bridge, the ‘newest’ hangs high over the 100-meter-deep Tajo gorge.

But hike down the path into the gorge which is also home to the mighty Guadelevín river dividing the town and once again you will find inner peace and solitude.

Away from the bridge, the town offers up so many gems, one of my personal favourites the Arco de Felipe V, a stone arch that’s part of the town walls of Ronda, Spain.

The arch took its name from Felipe V, the first Bourbon king of Spain. This was because he helped rebuild the Spanish economy after the War of Succession in the 18th century.

From here, you pass into the La Ciudad district, the most beautiful part of the town that offers impressive views over the surrounding landscape.

The Arab Baths are a fascinating thermal complex from the Muslim period in Ronda. The construction of these baths dates back to the 13th and 14th centuries and is one of the best-preserved in Spain.

Discover the different bathrooms, enjoying every intricate detail of this fascinating piece of history.

The old town is where you’ll find many interesting buildings and more views of the surrounding countryside away from the crowds. The narrow, twisting streets take you past picturesque house after house.

Once away from the crowds it an absolutely amazing place, with history galore. We don’t say this often, but a return visit to the Ronda Valley is a must, the walking and cycling opportunities are endless, chuck a bit of climbing and this would be an epic adventure holiday location. Sadly this time we aren’t able to head off for hours on end as poor old ‘Fred Dog’ really isn’t in the most active spot of his life cycle, so off towards the coast now to find some deep blue ocean to swim in, as that’s his most favourite thing, well after eating- he is a Labrador after all !


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