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On the coast at St Valery Sur Somme

Verity the Volkswagen is in the heart of the Picardy coastline on the Hauts-de-France coast is Saint-Valery-sur-Somme. She is enjoying what the French do best relaxing in the local aire de camping car. (N50.18261, E1.62918) for the pricy sum of €12 we have access to water,dumping station and Electricity, 16amp to boot!

This picture-perfect town is a sheer delight. Not only is it ridiculously pretty, I mean like wow ridiculously!

Yesterday skip and hop under the channel was almost completely uneventful, after a short drive from the campsite and smooth check in, we were offered a slot on an earlier train, a run into Starbucks for two eye watering overpriced coffees, £8.15, yep two small coffee 8 quid !

Super organised boarding and we were on and almost 3/4 of an hour earlier and then that dreaded tannoy announcement ‘departure is delayed due to technical difficulties’ hey ho we eventually arrived in France about 10 minutes before the original plan.

At this point we still don’t have a plan, as it is neither of us is still feeling 100% we decided on a short drive, a wipe around the motorhome friend that is Lidls and then somewhere for a relaxing stroll for an hour or two….

Imagine all medieval buildings, tiny fishermen’s cottages and views over the ever-changing Baie de Somme, who could want for more ?

Saint-Valery-sur-Somme has a rich and colourful history. This is where William stopped off to gather more soldiers in 1066 before heading off to conquer England.

It’s also where Joan of Arc was held captive in the local prison before being taken to Rouen to be tried and then burned at the stake in 1431.

Thankfully and amazingly helpfully the locals have erected enough signs to direct you from the Aire and down into the town centre

Probably the cutest corner of this amazing little place is the Fishermen’s Quarter, know as the Quartier des Marins.

The narrow streets in this neighbourhood are lined with tiny cottages with colourful shutters and doors.

Once at the bottom the bay stretches out in front of you and offers a lovely promenade along the waters edge

As the waters edge disappears we climb the well worn steps into another beautiful area full of character and I’m sure stories of long ago.

Thanks to information boards, Parts what was once Saint-Valery as a medieval city reportedly date back to the 12th century, with cobblestone streets, half-timbered houses, it just one of those ‘nice to get lost in type of places’

A church sits near the top of the ramparts from where there are lovely views of the Bay of Somme.

And where to next ??


2 thoughts on “On the coast at St Valery Sur Somme

  • Good to see you back on the blogging trail! Very envious stuck here in damp & foggy Yorkshire. We’re counting the days until we can scoot abroad again next April.
    If you have no fixed plans for places to explore feel free to check out our own blog – the Where’s Vince map has lots of blobs to click to find out about the places we’ve stayed in over the years 🙂
    Happy Travels!!

    • Thanks Ken, it’s great to be back !


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