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The start of a new adventure

Verity the Volkswagen is nestled peacefully under the trees of Black Horse Farm CAMC site as they rapidly drop their leaves all around

What a feeling that those words still trip off the finger tips, I’m sure some of the older readers will fondly remember that pretty much every Blog post starts with these immortal words and I’m sure this trio will be no different….

We had a busy old week, starting with a family wedding, waving goodbye to all the campers who have hopefully had another amazing season of staying at OldOaks and then the close down of the campsite, all the little jobs that add up to lot of time!

But I digress, Black Horse Farm in Densole, sadly as it’s a November day and the day light is in short supply I can’t really tell you much about the site, but being Caravan and Motorhome club you can rest assured it was up to their normal standards, from the warm friendly welcome to the clean and tidy amenities block and for just £23 a night at this time of the year !

Somehow after avoiding colds and flu like stuff for the last two years, we have both been hit hard! I (Paul) even drank Coke a Cola on our staff night out as I felt as rough as a badger, Full Fat Coke I might add.

So the slow journey of the A303, M25,M20 was just that, a truly unadventurous slow drive of 200 miles

This is a change for us, the last couple of years we have taken the long slow boat directly across to Spain,leaving the dog in Kennels for our entire trips, but as we fear this will probably be Fred dogs last ever holiday we have decided that it should be as much about him as us.

Sadly he has hit, that old man time of life, not unexpected at 12 but still heartbreaking that our once superbly active family member now has had enough of walkers after about 10 or 15 minutes, added to the vet informing us that he is near enough blind in his left eye, it getting to that time.

With the Local pub as few meters stroll across the road, it would have been almost rude to not sample some of their fair, a beautiful home made pie for Michele and a generously rich Lamb and Mint suet pudding for me, one of the other dinners looked a little bemused and remarked, ‘it’s a dumpling with meat inside’ which I guess that what it is, but very tasty!

An early night, as we are both still suffering from this cold thingy and then a 5:30 alarm, I know this is meant to be a holiday and we were up and ready to head to the Euro Tunnel for a quick trip into France

So as I write this we sit on a small French aire de camping car, with absolutely no plan, but to fill our souls with new memories, once we have recovered from our colds !

Paul x

2 thoughts on “The start of a new adventure

  • Mary Kingston-Ford

    Take care, have an amazing time, sorry to have missed “Fred dog” this visit to Old Oaks, keep the blogs coming. Lots of love Mum and Dad xx

    • Yes, Sadly it was a busy old week for us and then finished off with neither of us feeling well xx


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