Is it real or just a film set?

Paloma. Our motorhome hasn’t moved an inch, still settled in her parking spot at Camping LaVolta.

Sad to say but until this trip neither Michele or I had ever seen GOT (game of thrones) the HBO smash hit series, but with the dark nights drawing in we have caught up with the rest of you …..

So when we learnt that just 2km away was one of the filming locations from this epic fantasy, research was required to make sure we saw the lot ! (Season 6 in case you wonder)

Peñíscola is a lovely town that became an authentic real life movie set during the shootings. with its unique location beside the Mediterranean Sea, its castle a Templar fortress no less and an old historical centre completely surrounded by medieval walls and narrow alleys, we were in love !

Rising majestically from the sea is the old town and Templar castle of Peñiscola, which is one of the jewels of Spain’s Orange Blossom Coast. It’s a unique, impressive sight during daylight hours, which can be enjoyed from many miles away.

However once night falls, the darkness that embraces the beautifully lit, fairytale castle makes the scene even more spectacular and romantic. There’s no wonder that this place is officially one of Spain’s prettiest towns.

Sat idly on the main beach, that looks up at the fairytale Templar Castle, which became a Papal Palace after Papa Luna moved there in 1411, ok not Completely true as Papa Luna was a Catholic cardinal who rebelled against the power in Rome and became an “antipope” in a parallel election at Avignon, France.

Wander through romantic cobblestone streets

Could this day get any better?

The old town walls and Templar castle can be found between the main beach, and the half-moon shaped south beach. You certainly won’t need anybody to give you directions to the very well preserved old town, as all you need to do is head straight towards the majestic castle.

Once you enter the old town, you can explore the maze of pretty, cobbled stone streets. It would be hard to imagine anything more Mediterranean, cobbled streets, with whitewashed buildings, dotted with azure blue features, overlooking the vast, blue beauty that is the Mediterranean sea.

Sparkling sea views with a sense of history

Making our way to the edge of the old town where the walls overlook the sea, we stop and stand for a while to be mesmerised by the sparkling sea views, there’s something truly magical about leaning against these fortified walls, while watching the sea.

In the middle of the charming streets of the old town, lies the quirky Casa de las Conchas, which is a must see before you leave Peñiscola.

But Peñíscola is no newcomer to the world of movies. In the past, it served as the set for several films, the most famous of which was the 1961 epic El Cid, starring Charlton Heston and Sophia Loren.


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2 thoughts on “Is it real or just a film set?

  • Chris and Peter

    No words… Just mouthwatering!

    • Shellthecobbler

      Got to agree – it was stunning even tho overcast


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