The Spanish seaside

Paloma, our motorhome is pitched up for a few days on the LaVolta ‘stop and go’ about 2km or so outside of Benicarló.(N40.3982 E0.40277).

Located on the Orange Blossom Coast (Costa Azahar), the surroundings are filled with orange trees and artichokes….

The Benicarló artichoke is so famous that it has in fact been made a protected denomination. Even if you aren’t an artichoke lover (which is me) the view of the fields when the artichoke plants are gorgeous, a thick rich carpet of green that just stretches out

Many say Benicarlo is deceptively plain, but this fishing town has good beaches, an interesting old quarter with some great examples of architecture and its own port, what’s not to love ?

Almost in the centre of the old town you can find the beautiful church

The story goes that a Ship arrived in 1650 on the shores of Benicarlo and Cesar Cataldo disembarked, carrying with him an image of Christ on the cross, and it is considered that many miracles happened thanks to this Christ of the Sea, and this chapel that honours this.

Like many Spanish towns, Benicarló has a central covered market, full of the freshest veg, meat and fish- how could we resist a look around ….

Popping onto the Towns own marina, which is a lovely spot with plenty of bars and restaurants, as well as a disco, but we were in search of that very English thing a curry ….

Thanks to a recommendation from a Facebook motorhome forum we stopped off in Ali Barbar whose €11 menu of the day with wine really hit the spot !

Just before the port, you’ll find the blue flag Morrongo Beach of Benicarlo. It has golden sand and is around 1/4 of a mile long, it is the perfect beach for chilling by the sea even in November .

A few snaps from around this lovely quintessential Spanish fishing port …..


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2 thoughts on “The Spanish seaside

  • John Harford

    Nice post. Will look out for Benicarlo

    • Shellthecobbler

      It was a great ! – we came to explore Peñiscola as that’s meant to be lovely, so in my logic we tried out the so called less interesting place first – let’s just hope the next place lives up to expectations


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