A snowbirds winter paradise…..

So Paloma is still parked at Camping LaVolta ‘stop and go’ (N40.3982 E0.40277), which lies about halfway between Benicarló and Peñíscola in sunny Spain.

We have ground to a halt!

We planned a couple of days and now it’s day 10! – Opps well at least it’s an All Time Our leap of faith Record, and we’re not quite done yet…

I think a stop is just what the doctor ordered and we are both feeling very recharged and relaxed

As it’s well into the winter season, the campsite here is running almost full to capacity a few motorhomes, come and go but mainly the pitches are occupied by ‘snow birds’

A what ?

In America there is a large species that migrates south each winter

A similar species is now on the increase Europe. Whom regularly winter in Spain

We are surrounded by a mixture of ages from across the whole of Northern Europe, plus some amazing vans !

But this is a funny place, it has a real sense of community, we have spent loads of time chatting away to so many different people, and what is great for us is that we are constantly improving our language skills, with the main language spoken on site being German I am faring a little better than Michele…..

And to top it all off, we have company, a chance meeting in the campsite bar, a few shared extra large vino and a chat leads us to meeting another Motorhome blogger, this time Pete and Katrina from 3ontourblog, who have stopped off to avoid the high winds.

As they left more English folk arrived, a tiny bit of arm twisting and they joined us in the bar to celebrate ‘the immaculate conception of Mary’ – ok the campsite was throwing a party, that went on til very early in the morning ….

The joy of sitting still is that popping into town is a regular occurrence, with lunch being cooked by a restaurant in town, so far our Favourite is ‘Ali Barba’ on the marina in Benicarló- with our most recent lunch being Chicken Kabab for me and burger and fries for Shell With a couple of beers the bill came to €12.

Another culinary highlight had been ‘Nora’s’ which was recommended on Facebook to us, where you can get a beautiful Paella on a Sunday for €4 a plate…..

Ok must go now as it’s half three so it’s Boules time, at least I now understand the scoring system ……


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