Is it ok to have a day doing nothing ? 

When we are in a brand new  place, I am almost too eager to see and do as much as you possibly can.

I always want to get out there and see the sights and sometimes I forget that in fact the one thing we are rich in is time …..

When you arrive somewhere new  there is a feeling that you need to experience as much as humanly possible while you are there. After all, 

you might never come back here! 

This is your last chance! 

What are you just sitting around for?

So, It’s important to remember that you are only a mortal human being, our bodies have limits  and travel can be tiring.

There I’ve said it !

When exhaustion sets in from running around trying to cram in every sight, you really do need to recharge. 

Otherwise, you end up getting ratty and being so tired and overwhelmed that you don’t enjoy your travels.

In that case, a day of curling up in the deckchairs with a good book is just what the doctor ordered. 

Don’t let anyone judge you and say you aren’t making the most of your time. You’re savouring the quiet moments so that you have more energy for the crazy adrenaline moments.
Since Michele and I have been travelling long term, we havent had many down days.

But today was just that, we meandered across about 35km of nice slow Greek roads and headed for a quite little harbour to rest and relax by the sea, Paralia Agiou Andrea was to our home for the evening (N37.371639 E22.783528).

Paralia Agiou Andrea harbour, Greece
I drank a coffee or 5, we chilled in the sun , watched the small fishing boats come and go and chated . 

Chilling on the beach, Paralia Agiou Andrea - Greece
We played stick with Fred Dog as he splashed in and out of the waves…..

Bomb! At Paralia Agiou Andrea Greece
As the afternoon wore on we took a little stroll and then chilled out in the only bar in the village with a few beers…..

Looking out to sea at Paralia Agiou Andrea Greece
I guess that this is a realisation for me, I have always lived at 100 miles an hour, with a thousand and one things going on. These days are essential, because they will keep our batteries topped up for the days when we are hiking in a Gorge or diving in a sunken city…..

If every day on the road was action packed, our energy would soon fizzle out.

What do you do to recharge on your “doing nothing” travel days? 


5 thoughts on “Is it ok to have a day doing nothing ? 

  • Happihalls

    We’ve found the same, it’s easy to forget this isn’t a “cram it all in holiday”, its our life now and it’s ok to chill out sometimes and not feel guilty. Warm weather really helps!
    So yes, it really is ok to have a do nothing day.

    • Shellthecobbler

      So true ! – just wish if hadnt take so long to understand- paul.

  • There’s no better to place to recharge your batteries than Greece. Taking the time to watch the sea, how the sky changes, and breathing deeply….While thinking about how lucky we are to be in this fantastic country. Currently doing all the above plus drinking coffee and eating spanakopita that we were given …….how kind people are! So glad you are feeling good

  • Andrea Riley

    That so mirrors our own travelling life. Even after all this time we still struggle to ‘do nothing’ (me especially). You’re right in saying you can feel frazzled if your not careful. We are trying to get better at it……maybe we will be better once we get back to Spain where we’ve already done a lot of the sights….we’ll see. Whatever you do keep enjoying. Andi & Paul xxx

    • Shellthecobbler

      So true !


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