Endearing Epidaurus – Greece

Paloma has only gone and done it again !, following signs for the port parking and we have a perfect overnight spot, small beach to one side and busy marina to the other, my idea of heaven (N37.63694  E23.16188).

Pano view of Epidaurus harbour, including shot of Paloma our motorhome - Greece
Pulling in I couldn’t help but notice a classic cub90- on British plates, unable to resist I poped over for a chat and got some great recommendations from the English expat, who was escaping his holidaying mother in law !

Epidaurus is an spectacle of unique beauty with huge cultural heritage. Its monuments are true masterpieces, and the town itself a genuine testimony of the Greek culture that is still alive. 

Epidaurus, Greece- looking out to sea , ourleapoffaith
The stunning little town is vibrant and lively thanks to the vast array of boats docking in this marina, from humble fishing boats to massive ocean going catamarans…

Night time shot of boat in Epidaurus, Greece-
We stopped and watched the coming and goings over a fantastic meal at the highly recommended ‘hotel mike’

But as is typical of us in Greece we ordered enough food for at least 4. – look at the left overs !

Left overs at hotel mike Epidaurus, Greece-
The small town contains everything you could need from supermarkets, butchers, bakers, but sadly no candlestick maker….

Near  the port of  Epidaurus,where we are parked, through the lush orange and lime groves is the first of many masterpieces for us to marvel at, The Little Theatre of Epidaurus.

Small theatre Epidaurus, Greece
It used to be the theatre of the ancient city-state and, apart from drama performances, it also hosted religious and political celebrations.

 This theatre was discovered in the early 1970s, under a field of olive trees and its restoration process continues till today, which means sadly the site is closed( well almost )

Its construction started in the 4th century B.C. and was originally built to cover the needs of this small city-state, so its size was not big. It had 9 tiers and 18 rows of seats and could host about 2,000 spectators. 

Some seats have inscriptions which show that the theatre was dedicated to god Dionissos and was built in sections. This theatre was totally reformed in the Roman times,  the orchestra became semi-circular and the seats were reordered. 

After several years of excavations and much restoration work performed over the last decades, the Epidaurus Little Theatre hosts today the annual Greek Festival, celebrated in summer with music, dance and theatre performances. There are seats for 800 spectators and work is done to restore more of them. The performances are mostly held in modern or ancient Greek. 

A few hundred meters past the theatre, in the shallow waters of ‘Kalymnios’ beach, a small part of the ancient city has submerged. 

Sunken city Epidaurus, Greece-
In some places the ancient breakwater is still preserved. 

It is worth diving at a depth of only two meters to marvel the well-preserved ruins. It is a fact that the sight will leave you filled with awe.

If I was to sum up this stunning little place it would be a lasting memory of the richness of the blue waters of the sea meeting the evergreen forests of the mountains, Epidaurus is a place that will enchant everyone, that’s for sure! 


One thought on “Endearing Epidaurus – Greece

  • how lovely to come across your blog and be drawn straight to your experience of Epidaurus.
    Although I am further down the coast in Galatas for a short, spell most years, I too, recall the charm of the sweet little harbour town plus the quaint Neo Epidaurus in the hills behind .
    I remember meeting a charming Belgian couple who had set up their hippie motorhome for a few weeks on a tiny beach close to the stunning Nauplio (well worth a visit and close to the wonderful Epidaurus ancient theatre ). The couple had travelled extensively through Egypt and over to Greece with their friends , also motorhomers .
    We have been unable to venture further than the UK with our camper van as yet and reading blogs like this of yours, is a pleasure . Our time will come though !


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