Discovering the birthplace of Aristotle- OLYMPIADA

So let’s get it out the way OLYMPIADA is  nothing to do with the Olympics and is nowhere near mount Olympus……

We are still in Greece’s most northern region of Macedonia and Greece at its most welcoming, with quiet coastal towns, uncrowded beaches, shady village squares, local markets and of course, the quintessential Greek hospitality. 

The tranquil seaside village  of Olympiada, is our current home, with Paloma parked right alongside the dock (N40.5911 E23.78775).

The setting could not be better, beautiful sunshine and a cool fresh sea breeze. Boats coming and going, and waters full of sea life.

An amazing gesture of kindness by a passing fisherman has touched both of our hearts and has left the best impression of this place that is ever possible. After the usual conversations about Britexit and the cost of living in the UK we bid him farewell and off he went for an afternoons fishing …..

But on his return, he provided us with a huge bowl of mussels……

So what could be better than fresh mussels? Well  fresh mussel cooked in onion,garlic,chill and ouzo !!

But we’re here to discover Aristotle’s birthplace at nearby Ancient Stagira, well I say near by it a whole 300 or 400 meters away……

The remains of Ancient Stageira occupy two hills on a small headland, Stageira itself is a scatter of rubble.

 The waters below are pistachio green with perfect coves of yellow sand.

Entrance to this archaeological site is free, and it provides the locals  with a wonderful public park.

Tortoise eating an Olive

with its enchanting shaded paths that lead visitors between the ruins of fortications, houses and the market place and ever so often places just on the edge of the headland reminding you of that perfect view.

This is the town where Aristotle was born, so what a place to learn more about The Greek philosopher…..

“The aim of the wise is not to secure pleasure, but to avoid pain.”



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