Last beach Side pitch for a mo….

Leaving behind our harbour side spot, we set on the slow coast road around the fingers of Halkidiki.

Trying to get a glimpses of one the of last male only places left on this plant, Soon we were winding our way over the bottom of the peninsular and over pine covered hills. Across the Toronean Gulf we could see the looming hulk of Mount Athos, at the bottom of the third peninsula of Halkidiki and home to 20 monasteries which I would never get to see because:

 A) Michele is with me and females of all species have been banned from there for a thousand years (excluding cats as they catch mice!).

B) to get a pass to visit you had to apply months and months ago 

So a bit of no, no for us.

We wind our way up the final stretches of perfect coast line, drinking in the vistas of blue sky and even more vivid blue sea until the enormous city of Thessaloniki appeared and we head just to the outskirts and it’s most famous beach, Agia Triada Beach. 

With us sat a near few feet away from the sea (N40.501627 E22.88593) the sunshine blasting away and a cooling sea breeze. 

At only 30 minutes away from the city it attracts thousands of tourists in the summer time. The visitors come here to see the wonderful sunsets, to swim and to sunbathe. 

The European Union awarded a Blue Flag to this beach, meaning that it has all the facilities necessary for a top beach. 

Some of the features at Agia Triada Beach include restaurants, taverns and hotels, as well as sunbathing areas with umbrellas- like a proper holiday resort

The crystal clear water in this region is perfect for swimming and our final bit of snorkelling for a few days as we head inland……


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