Stavros another great beach 

“Hello, everybody peeps. Is your old friend Stavros here.”

Sadly when we spotted Stavros, in Northern Greece all I could think about was the 90’s kebab shop owner of Harry Enfield Fame.

So this is a bit of ‘Another day another perfect beach’ with Paloma, our motorhome once again enjoying Sea views from her windscreen (N40.662704 E23.71841) whilst parking up for the princely sum of zilch, zero, nothing or nulla ……….

The town has been mainly made for tourists and holidaymakers looking to spend some sunny and relaxing days at the beach and wander around a typical Greek Town.

Once again we are surrounded with people from all the other Balkan states vacationing in Stavros, and we heard many different languages being spoken, worst still I am finally understanding a few words…..

The beaches in Greece definitely are not disappointing us, they are fulfilling our craving for sun sea and surf – ok maybe not the surf bit, but you can’t have it all !

The water was a beautiful blue green with minimal waves, and pretty rocks of all shapes, sizes, and colors instead of seashells. 

The water sparkled like you wouldn’t believe, the sand was fine and super soft beneath our feet making the beach even more enjoyable. 

Oh Did i mention the water was so pleasantly warm? We swam at least half a mile into the sea without getting cold and still being at waist height .

The view was also one for the instragram collection !  We are certain there are even prettier places in Greece, but this beach still had an amazing view. 

Looking to our left and right side we saw mountains with beautiful, green forestation. Up ahead in the ocean was a dock where fishermen moored their small boats. 

Also, the endless view of the sea made it seem never-ending. It truly was breathtaking and something you’d have to see to believe.

And when the sun went down the sky was almost on fire !


2 thoughts on “Stavros another great beach 

  • We can not wait to get experience Greece. Loving the blogs.

    • Shellthecobbler

      It’s a fantastic country, we will return again that’s for sure!!

      Safe travels


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