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Dax and it’s healing waters

Verity the Vdub is happily lapping up some sparks provided by the nice local aire owners on the outskirts of the French town of Dax. (N 43.7345, W 1.03414)

When the website France This Way declares the town as “Dax is pleasant to visit but if you are not here for the thermal waters the other attractions are quite minor – so it is pleasant to visit when you are passing but not worth travelling a long way to see.” you never really know what to expect.

Now we have visited many spa towns in the past, with our favourite being Acqui Terme as we love the steamy backdrop that the thermal waters create against the cooler skies.

Dax is one of the biggest spa town in France in terms of the numbers of visitors.

The thermal baths of Dax have long been renowned for the treatment of rheumatology and phlebology, as well as respiratory tract disorders

The history of Dax began in pre-roman times, then the town was developed by the Romans because of its thermal waters.

‘Fontaine Chaude’ where there is a pool of hot thermal water inside a Roman-style structure built in the 19th century. The water is about 64°.

A little clue that we may be ever nearing the Spanish boarder is the very impressive mighty Bull ring

So I guess it would be fair to say that Dax was a delight to visit and as always you need to not always completely believe what people say and try and go for an explore yourselves.


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