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A return visit to San Sebastián,

Given that there were so many places in the world to see, how could you justify a return visit?

It got me thinking about all places that we’ve said we must go back to – whether that’s once like Alicante or repeatedly like ‘we must go and Take a city break in Budapest’ .

And I realised that some of my favourite trips have been the return visits.

We love to discover new places too, but often the second-time trips have been more relaxed, more off the cuff and more enjoyable.

And who says you need a change of destination to see something new?

Going back to a place lets you dig a bit deeper and uncover another layer of the place.

So here we are again squeezed into the University aire on the edge of San Sebastián, last time we were here we virtually had the parking to ourselves, but being a weekend the local Spainish folks are out in force. (N 43.3078, W 2.01423).

Yes, to most it’s just a car park, but for the tiny sum of €3.30 we can stay within walking distance of one of Spain’s real gems

Of course there’s no reason you would ever take a trip to Rome and miss out the Colosseum or avoid the crowds in Pompeii

But most big sights are popular for good reason (well not always, anybody else really disappointed in the Leaning Tower of Pisa).

So it’s understandable that on a first trip to a new destination you will attack the most famous attractions. So there’s something nice about repeat visits when you’ve already done the big names and exploring the off-the-beaten-path bits and bobs!

Plus there’s no need to feel bad about spending an entire trip doing nothing but eating and drinking.

Mind you I digress a little….

San Sebastian is known to have some of the nicest city beaches in the world and unbeknown to us last time it’s not just the stunning La Concha Beach – the famous beach next door to Old Town with beautiful views of Santa Clara Island and jaw dropping enough to strip anybody believing there could be more !

Tucked around the bay and a short easy 10 minute stroll is Zurriola Beach – a lively surf beach and a very trendy neighbourhood, where a young, local crowd hangs out. Whilst we visited the surf looked amazing and so many surfers were just bobbing about waiting for that one in a million wave

A chance to climb Monte Urgull again, just a short stroll away from the old town is the start of one of many paths up this imposing hill.

You can see the statue of Jesus Christ overlooking the beach – that’s where you’re aiming for.

Here you’ll find Mota Castle, a 16th century defensive fortification at the top of San Sebastian.

There are a number of different pathways taking you up to the top. All of them and signposted, so it doesn’t really matter which one you take.

Once you make it to the top you have one of the best views overlooking Playa de la Concha and the amazing City.

Ultimately, our favourite thing to do in San Sebastian was eat pintxos, drink vino Tinto and watch the lively neighbourhood of Old Town.

Pintxos are a unique part of Basque food culture. They are small gourmet snacks, kind of like next level tapas.

So, would a third trip be Likely? – 100% we still feel this City has even more to give


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